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What’s new for Sew Me Something this month?

September… the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. As the days cool, the need for layers, scarfs and most definitely hot beverages increases. Thirty days hath September as the poem goes, 30 days to enjoy outdoorsy activities wrapped up in your cosiest of scarves or those indoor activities that draw you in on a rainy day. What else do you get up to as the seasons change?

Introducing The Gertrude Jacket

I love a casual jacket, especially when you feel you just need an extra layer. The newly launched Gertrude ticks both of these boxes, a go-to jacket designed to see you through the seasons. Want to make your own Gertrude Jacket, you can download the pattern here.

Available in UK Sizes 6-34, the stylish jacket features a button front with a neat collar and gentle shaping through the side panels. In addition, pocket detailing and a two-piece sleeve with button cuff.

It’s a year-round must-have perfect for a lunch date with friends, casual weekend, commuting to work or date night.

This jacket is the most recent addition to the In-depth Online Sewing Courses in our Sewing Studio. The great thing about our online videos courses are that you can learn how to make a garment from start to finish. So if you’re looking for a little support and a step-by-step guide in ‘How To Make The Gertrude’, join The Sewing Studio here.

Gertrude is a simple sewing project suitable for beginner plus sewers, if you haven’t had much experience working with jeans hardware this is a great project to get your teeth stuck into and build on your sewing skills. If you don’t fancy the thought of working with jeans hardware, as an alternative you can always use regular buttons. If you’ve made our Eleanor Shirt, the burrito method you put into practice during that sewing project will lend itself well to this project.

Purchase the Gertrude Jacket PDF or Paper Pattern here.

How To Wear Your Gertrude Jacket

Using the Gertrude Jacket as a layering piece makes getting dressed easy and practical throughout the seasons. For this reason, the new Gertrude is an excellent (and necessary) addition to your wardrobe. The best wardrobe staples are those that have the right balance of form and function. Versatile, timeless and extremely practical, this jacket is spot on for every style, lifestyle, and body shape. Add the Gertrude Jacket to your outerwear collection, get started and buy the pattern here or learn to make it in the Sewing Studio now.

Which SMS patterns can I wear with the Gertrude Jacket?

The Gertrude jacket can serve as the base for a mixture of different outfits, perfect for laying as you can use it to add warmth when required. It works well with many of our Sewing Patterns, here is some inspiration:

Imogen Top and Portia Trousers.
Eleanor Shirt and Nell Trousers.
Cressida Jumpsuit.
Lavinia Dress.

Learn To Make The Gertrude Jacket

The Gertrude Jacket Pattern In-Depth Online Sewing Course is split into ten easy to follow lessons:

  • A Little Bit Of Prep
  • Making Up The Pockets
  • Making Up The Front
  • Making Up The Back
  • Joining The Shoulders
  • Making And Attaching The Collar
  • Neatening The Neck and Front Edge
  • Side Seams and Hem
  • Making Up and Attaching The Sleeve
  • Finishing Your Gertrude Jacket

Learn how to sew at your own pace, rewind, pause and fast forward the sewing course as much as you need to.

If you are already a Sewing Studio Silk Member, you can access the online sewing video in the in-depth courses section of your account.

Ready to get started, learn to sew online and make your own Gertrude Jacket? Join us here.

How To Make a Tailor’s Ham and Sleeve Roll

Two new sewing projects introduced into the Sewing Studio this month.

How To Make a Tailor’s Ham

A Tailor’s Ham is indispensable when pressing curved areas of clothing such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars or waistlines. Pressing on a curved form allows a garment to fit body contours better. A tailor’s ham usually has two sides, the wool side requires low heat and is best used for wool and more voluminous fabrics, the cotton side is for smoother fabrics and higher heat. Wood shavings are used to stuff a tailor’s ham because they remain firm and don’t compress, unlike usual toy stuffing or fabric scraps.

For this project you’ll need:

Thick cotton drill 40cm x 40cm (we used our cotton drill
100% wool 40cm x 40cm (we used our British 100% wool in mustard

Download the Tailor’s Ham template in our Sewing Studio and follow along to our step-by-step photo-tutorial.

How To Make a Sleeve Roll

Make Your Sewing Projects So Much Easier To Press, And Your Seams Looking better. A sleeve roll is similar to a tailor’s ham but has a long elongated shape that is suitable for slipping into sleeves. It usually has two sides. The wool side requires low heat and is best used for wool and more voluminous fabrics, the cotton side is for smoother fabrics and higher heat.

For this project you’ll need:

Thick cotton drill 50cm x 15cm (we used this cotton drill
100% wool 50cm x 15cm (we used our British 100% wool in mustard

Download the Sleeve Roll template in our Sewing Studio and follow along to our step-by-step photo-tutorial.

Pattern Cutting Series: Dart Manipulation Part One

This month we continue with our pattern cutting series. The previous five videos in the series have focused on how to ‘Take your own measurements accurately’ and how to ‘Draft your own blocks from your measurements’, we now move onto using your blocks to create different styles.

Follow along to ‘Dart Manipulation: Part One’ and learn how to use darts to create style lines and design details, and really get to grips with the basic fundamental techniques in pattern cutting.

The Pattern Cutting Series sits in our In-Depth Online Sewing Courses Section in the Sewing Studio. All Silk Sewing Studio Members have full access to all sewing courses and are able to learn to sew at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home. Interested in developing your sewing skills? Join the Sewing Studio Today.

What Can You Look Forward To?

“I’m really excited about the new pattern due to be released in October. I’m in the process of making up the sample in the gorgeous Stretch Corduroy Gold Fabric (a lovely Autumnal colour) with the Brown Olive Coconut Buttons. That might just be a little giveaway about some of the details in the new pattern, pockets are of course a must! I love getting on a pair of wintery boots, throwing on a scarf and a couple of layers to stay cosy in the cooler weather, this pattern is absolutely ideal for your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe.”

-Claire, SMS Product Developer.


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