Join our sewing community and find friendship and support.

In our community find inspiration for new sewing projects, ask advice or just come and have a chat, coffee and cake are optional.

We want to try and continue the friendly and supportive feel we have in our physical sewing studio over into our online sewing world. So we have created this community for you to find inspiration for a new project, or to ask for advice for something you’re working on, to share what you’ve made and support others’ achievements. Really to just be here for each other when we need a bit of support or to cheer each other on.

We live in uncertain times and if the sewing community is one thing, it is supportive. The sharing of knowledge and nurturing creativity has been a key factor in the survival of us as a society and as individuals as well – and long may that continue.

Rather than keeping our sewing community on a social media platform we have created ours on a completely neutral space. So you won’t have your details shared or data compromised. It’s just a cool place to hang out and share what you’re making.

One of the great features are the different channels we’ve created for you to have a conversation about a specific topic and to be able to find it again really easily. So there are channels for our patterns, general sewing and a Q&A one too to ask Jules anything in particular.

It’s completely free, all you have to do is create your own account and then you can jump straight in.

Share ideas, connect with other sewists and get feedback on your sewing creations.

See you in there!

Jules x