Textile Technology

This will help you to become more informed about textiles

Fibres and Fabrics

Learning a bit about the ‘Science’ of  fabrics and fibres will help you make better choices.

Understanding more about fabrics and the different fibres from which they are made will help you choose the best fabric for your project, helping you to improve the final item.

For this part of your Diploma you will need to do some research!

This will follow on from what we discovered during the studio session about different fibres and fabrics. Below are some books and websites you might like to look at to help you find the answers to the Textile Quiz that will follow.

Fabric For Fashion – The complete guide

Fabric for Fashion – The swatch book

The Textile Book 





The link to the Textile Quiz is below:

SMS Diploma Textiles Quiz


Other Resources

Swatch Library pages from the  SMS Digital Sewing Planner

Know Your Fabrics and FibresTypes of Fibres

Burns Test Results

Burns Test Fabric Samples