Create an Informative Sewing Techniques and Processes Folder

This is project brief will allow you to create a resource to help you make up your garments.

Project overview

You will work through a series of different sewing processes and techniques to help you make informed decisions about which to use to make you up your capsule collection garments successfully.

You can download and print off the full brief and the criteria you will be graded against:

Create an Informative Sewing Techniques folder – Project Brief

The required samples to be included in your folders are:

You can download and print off the list:

Required Sewing processes

  • Basic dart
  • Fishtail or double pointed dart
  • Gathering with 2 rows 
  • Gathering with 3 rows
  • Knife pleats
  • Box pleats
  • Inverted box pleats
  • Pintucks
  • Shirring
  • Straight seam open and closed
  • French seam
  • Flat felled seam
  • Bound seam
  • Piped seam
  • Slot seam
  • In-seam pocket
  • Patch pocket
  • Patch pocket with a flap
  • Jetted pocket
  • Continuous bound opening
  • Placket opening
  • Concealed zip
  • Trouser fly zip
  • Neckline with a facing 
  • Neckline with a visible binding 
  • Neckline with a clean finish binding
  • Machine stitched buttonholes
  • Hand sewn buttonholes
  • Rouleau loop buttonholes

Each finished sample or process will have clear instructions on how to complete it and any other pertinent information.

You will also create a Swatch Library where you will record any interesting fabrics you find or want to use. The information you record will include:

  • Supplier
  • Width
  • Price
  • Fibre content
  • Care instructions
  • Best suited for

You will also need to clearly identify all the key points on a sewing machine and identify key health and safety issues when creating the samples for the folder.