Sewing Techniques and Processes Folder

This will allow you to create a resource to help you make up your garments.

Project overview

You will work through a series of different sewing processes and techniques to help you make informed decisions about which to use to make you up your capsule collection garments successfully.

Your Sewing processes folder will contain the following samples by the end of the year. the ones in yellow are linked to tutorials within The Online Sewing Studio. The rest will follow soon.


Seams and Seam finishes


Openings and closures


To help you create the sewing samples you can download and print the templates below.

Placket Opening sample pieces

Jetted Pocket sample pieces

There are several methods for inserting a Fly zip You can download and print the instructions and templates for two.

Sewing a Fly Zip Method1

Fly Zip Method 1 templates

Sewing a Fly zip Method 2

Fly Zip Method 2 templates

Each finished sample or process will have clear instructions on how to complete it and any other pertinent information.

Fabric Swatch Library

You will also create a Swatch Fabric Library where you will record any interesting fabrics you find or want to use. You can use the Fabric Swatch file pages in the SMS Digital Sewing Planner below.  Print off the specific page as many times as you need to.

SMS Digital Sewing Planner