Your Sewing Journal

Try and add to this each week

Your Sewing Journal

This is where you will keep a track of your work for each of the projects, make your task lists and make a note of how you are feeling about your work.  

It is important to try and add to this each week as it can be where you make a note of any questions or queries you might have. 

The Sewing Journal can be in whatever format you prefer. So you can keep a handwritten journal in a notebook, type one up in a word document or share a google docs with me. However you choose to document your journal you will need to share it with me before the Studio Sessions. That may mean taking photos of your entries for that month and emailing them to me or sending me the word doc or sharing a google doc with me. 

Writing a journal is a brilliant way to check your own progress and reflect on your work. It’s also a way for me to make sure you are on track and happy with what you are doing.  If you have any particular questions you want to ask me that you may not want to share in the group sessions you can always make a note of them here so I can respond to you individually. 

I will send you some prompt type questions for you to think about each month as well, to help get those creative juices flowing. 

So if you have any questions about your Sewing Journal just let me know.