Your Sewing Journal

Try and add to this each week

Your Sewing Journal

This is where you will keep a track of your work for each of the projects, make your task lists and make a not of how you are feeling about your work.  

It is important to try and add to this each week as it it where we will share any questions or queries we have. 

The Sewing Journal takes the form of a Google doc so it is really easy for me to see what you’re writing and to help wherever I can. So if you have any particular questions you want to ask me that you may not want to share in the group sessions you can always make a note of them here so I can respond to you individually. 

It will also be used to gain credits towards specific units so you can download and print the project brief – Keep a Sewing Journal to see which criteria are covered.

I will add in some prompt type questions for you to think about each month as well, to help get the creative juices flowing. 

You will be sent a separate email so I can share Your Sewing Journal with you. So if you have any questions about setting that up just let me know.