Present a portfolio of all your work to support your capsule collection. 

All your hard work should be showcased to celebrate your achievement. 

Project overview

You will need to present a portfolio of your work to celebrate your achievement. 

Your portfolio will need to include all the supporting work that helped you create your final 8 garments.

You may choose to present a combination of both digital and physical work, so you can include photographs and digitally created images as well as any hand drawn pieces.  The choice will be up to you and what you wish the portfolio to be used for.

You may choose to use this a vehicle to change career path or just as an opportunity to learn and improve your sewing skills. Either is perfectly valid but may require different outcomes. So do think about what the portfolio will be used for. 

Download and print out the project brief and keep it in your sketchbook

Present a Portfolio

Your portfolio should include:

  • Research and development  – this should include all the textile manipulation experiments, any practice sewing techniques you wanted to include in your garments as well as all the rough design ideas and how you developed them. 
  • Design ideas – this should include the final garment ideas. These can be hand drawn, created with digital art software or photographed.
  • Pattern Cutting Folder – this should include your blocks, pattern adaptations and draped garment pattern
  • Sewing Techniques Folder – this should include all the sewing processes required and any other experiments for techniques you included in your final garments
  • Your 8 finished garments –  beautifully pressed and finished
  • Your Sewing Journal – this is a digital document and I will print it out and bind it for you.