Create an Informative pattern cutting Techniques and Processes Folder

This is project brief will allow you to create a resource to help you draft some of the patterns for the garments in your capsule collection.

Project overview

You will need to draft full size blocks from your set of measurements for the following:

  • Skirt
  • Bodice
  • One piece sleeve
  • Trouser

All the relevant technical information will need to be recorded on the blocks to make sure they can be used as a basis to create working patterns.

You will also create a set of 1/4 scale blocks to enable you work through a series of different pattern cutting processes and techniques to help you make informed decisions about what design details to use in your capsule collections and how to draft the patterns for those garments.

You can download and print off the full brief and the criteria you will be graded against:

Create an Informative Pattern Cutting Techniques Folder

The required samples to be included in your folders are:

You can download and print off the list:

Diploma 2021 pattern cutting techniques

To help you create your 1/4 scale blocks you can download and print off our standard measurements. Or you can print off the quarter scale size 14 from our own standard measurements.

Quarter Scale Blocks

Skirt Block Measurements

All the Block Measurements and Instructions are in the Pattern Cutting Series in the Indepth Courses, but I have added them in here as well to make life easier for you. Do make sure you watch the videos as well as this will help t make it a bit clearer too.

Pattern Cutting Series – Taking Personal Body Measurements

Pattern Cutting Series – Your Body Measurements

Pattern Cutting Series – Skirt Block Measurements

Pattern Cutting Series – Skirt Block Instructions

Pattern Cutting Series – 2 Dart Bodice Block measurements

Pattern Cutting Series 2 Dart Bodice

Pattern Cutting Series – One piece Sleeve block instructions

SMS Standard Body Measurements for Trousers

Pattern Cutting Series – Close Fitting Trouser Block

Pattern Cutting Series – Basic Trouser Block

You should now have your basic blocks ready to make up in Calico and fit. Here is a fitting checklist to help you analyse the fit on yourself and others.

Fitting Checklist Fitting Checklist