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Making up the Outer Pocket and the Handles

Once you know how to make up the outer pocket you can chose to add one to two to your own bag

Now we can start with the outer pocket first. Fold under 1cm across the top edge.

Arden Bag outer pocket step 1

Then fold over the pocket facing along the fold line.

You can top-stitch across the bottom edge of the facing to help keep it in place. I have used my favourite star stitch as a bit of decoration.

Place the outer pocket between the two handle placement lines.

Cut the Webbing into two 90cm pieces. Lay one of the webbing straps centrally along the handle placement lines covering the edges of the pocket. Pin in place and then bend the webbing round to lie along the other handle placement line to cover the other side of the pocket and pin that in place too.

Mark 2.5cm down from the top edge of the bag. (If you sew all the way to the edge the lining won’t be able to attach to the bag).

Sew up one side of the webbing handle across the top at the marked point and down the other side. Repeat for the other side of the bag. You can choose to attach a second pocket or just keep that side plain.