How To Make A Sleeve Roll

Seam allowance is 1.5cm

Using the pattern, cut one in wool and one in cotton drill. 

Pin wrong sides together and sew around the sausage shape leaving a gap of about 15cm so it can be turned to the right side. 

Clip the seams around the curved ends, this gives it a smooth finish when turned the right way round.

Press the seam allowances along the open gap.

Turn right sides out.

Stuff the sleeve roll with the wood shavings. This gets a bit messy so best to do it outside if you can. You will need more wood shavings than you think you will need. Stuff the pouch until you can’t fit any more in, pin the gap together and give the roll a good whack, this helps the shavings compress together. Unpin and stuff some more.

Pin the gap closed and sew together using a ladder stitch or whip stitch. (Double up your thread so that it is super strong and make sure your stitches are small).