Different types of velvet


This is traditional velvet woven in silk and is thick and lustrous. It can be very expensive and has little give so can be a very stable fabric to work with. It can also be made in cotton, Viscose rayon and polyester. 


This is actually a stretch velvet and is great for using for body con shapes. It is great to use where traditional velvet could be too bulky. It is used a lot on the high street and is relatively inexpensive. 

Crushed Velvet

This is produced in the same  way as traditional velvet but it is treated differently to create the crushed look to the pile. While it’s still damp the velvet is twisted and the pile is crushed in a random kind of way. This creates a mottled look and distorts the shine on the velvet. It is a lovely rich looking finish. 


Is created in the traditional way but a design is printed onto the fabric with a chemical paste. This burns away at the pile of the velvet leaving the base fabric behind. This is often translucent and the pile left behind accentuates the design.