Sewing with sequins – Do’s

DO Consider the type of garment you want to make. 

Simpler shapes with few or, better still, no pleats or gathering are far easier to work with. Also choose a pattern that has a minimal amount of pieces – front, back sleeve etc, rather than anything more complex. The fewer the seams the better. 

DO Use a lining if you can

Sequin fabric can be scratchy to wear so better to add a lining inside your garment. Adding a lining can be very simple, just recut the main shapes in the lining fabric and make up as if you have two garments. Then slot the lining inside the main garment, with the wrong sides touching, and finish the openings with a clean bias finish. 

DO Follow the nap of the sequins

Sequins will prefer to lie in one direction rather than another. Make sure you follow this so the sequins lie downwards on your garments. Ensure that all your pattern pieces follow the nap direction when cutting out. 

DO Lay out on a single layer

It is much easier to get your fabric to lie flat and square in a single layer rather than cutting it in a folded piece. So lay out your pattern pieces on the single layer of fabric. Always have the sequins down on the table and the reverse of the fabric looking at you. It makes it much easier to see and mark out around the pattern pieces

If the pattern piece would normally be placed on a fold, mark out around the pattern on one side, then flip it over and mark the mirrored side. 

If you would normally just cut the pattern piece double, remember to flip the pattern piece so it is a pair and not just two the same. 

DO Protect your eyes 

Cutting sequins inevitably means they ping off all over the place. So make sure you are wearing something to protect your eyes, whether it’s just normal specs or a pair of safety glasses.