Sewing with Sequins

a guide to sewing with sequins .

We all love a bit of Glitz and Glamour at certain times of the year. Wearing something sparkly just makes us feel a bit more glamorous. So don’t be put off by sewing your own wonderfully glamorous outfits in sequin fabrics as it really isn’t as difficult as it may first appear. 
Working with sequins will not be a quick and easy project as it will take a bit of prep and consideration. However, the gasps of amazement as you sway into the soiree will most certainly make the time and effort worthwhile. 

There are different types of sequin fabrics mainly classified by the backing fabrics, click on to delve into the world of sequins and sparkles! 

Follow this link to have a look through our sequin fabrics online:

Sew Me Something Sequins