Sewing the Shoulders

Following the instructions for the Regan top is very straightforward so even though alternative fabrics are being used the processes are all still the same.  

Supporting the shoulders works in the same way. I was very careful to gently press the Formband onto the shoulder seams of the velour back. I used a scrap of velour underneath so the right sides of the velvet were together to help  prevent crushing the pile. This is a great trick if you don’t have a needleboard or are too lazy to hunt for the one you do have, like me.

Sewing the velour and sequin fabric just takes a bit of care and patience too. I managed to avoid basting the seams here on the shoulders as I had used the Formband as a stabiliser. But everywhere else it is a really good idea. 

Just make sure that you are using a brand new needle and that it is appropriate for the type of fabric you are using.So working with a knit fabric I used a 70 ball point needle as the velour is a scratch fabric as well.