Making and finishing the rest of the top

Once the neckline was sorted, I just followed the instructions for making up the rest of the Regan top, making sure to hand baste all the seams together. 

For the other constructional seams in the top I used a simple zigzag stitch to neaten the seam allowances together and trimmed off any rogue sequins that were poking out. 

As both the velour and sequin fabric will not fray it would be possible to just leave the hem raw edged. But I felt I had to finish it off properly so I gently pressed up a 2cm hem. Make sure to just hover the iron over the fabric and use your hand to pat it into place. Remember to either place a needle board under the velour or use the trick of a scrap piece of velour underneath to support the pile. 

You can choose to hand sew the hem in place depending on the type of sequin fabric you’re using, but I made the decision to twin needle the hem as the sequins were so small and thin the needles went through with no problems. 

Now you can see how straight forward working with ‘Tricky’ fabrics can be. I really hope you give it a go. It just needs a bit of care and consideration and remember to check out the tutorials on Sewing With Sequins and Sewing With Velour. 

You can also find the Regan Pattern and the Fabrics I Used in our Store. 

Happy sewing!

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