Cutting Out

Understanding the pattern layout and accurately cutting out the fabric. Transferring all the patter information you need onto the fabric.

Laying out your pattern
  • Following the layout diagrams to place the pattern pieces on the fabric.
  • Use the pattern weights to keep the pattern in place. This allows for more accurate cutting rather than pins warping the pattern.
  • Start by placing the ‘patterns on the fold’ on the fabric first.
  • Make sure to place the remaining pieces with the grain line parallel to the selvedge. Do this by measuring for one end of the grain line to the selvedge and then measuring from the other end of the grain line to the selvedge. When both measurements are equal the pattern piece is parallel.
  • If your fabric has a check or pattern you would like to match, take the time to ensure the fabric is folded accurately.

Marking the Pattern
  • Draw all the pattern markings on to the wrong side of the fabric, (circles, darts, etc.)
  • Draw around the pattern pieces with a fabric marker or chalk, make sure to mark in all the notches.
  • Mark in the centre front or centre back of all the folded pieces.

Cutting out
  • Remove the pattern and cut out the pieces making sure to cut inside the pen or chalk line. This will ensure you are keeping exactly to the size you want to cut.
  • Snip any notches along the edges with a very small 0.5cm snip. Keep the notches small so they do not go too far into the seam allowance.