Making The Quilted Pencil Case

Cut the strip into:

5.5cm x 35.5cm these are your zip bindings x 2
5cm x 6.5cm these are your zip end covers and tag x 3

Interfacing: cut into two squares measuring 30cm x 30cm

Seam allowances are 8mm (the edge of your sewing machine foot) unless otherwise noted.

Quilted Pencil Case


Tape the pattern pieces together and cut it out.

Layer the fabrics (main and lining) and interfacing on top of one another and cut your fabrics out in one go. Or you can choose to quilt it before cutting the shape out, which works best if you don’t have a walking foot for your machine. 

Pin all the layers of fabric together making sure the interfacing is sandwiched between the outer and lining, we’ve used two layers of the interfacing for extra support. Quilt together with a sewing machine or by hand. We quilted straight rows using the edge of the foot as a guide and lengthening the stitch length to 3.0. We also used a walking foot which helps to keep the layers from slipping but you can use an ordinary machine foot too.

Use your pattern to cut around the shape if you’ve not already done so.


Fold the zipper binding in half, wrong sides together, lengthwise and press. Place the raw edges of the binding to the curved edge on the outer side of your pencil case and pin. Sew in place using the edge of your foot as a seam guide.

 Fold the binding up and over to the lining side and press. The binding will cover all the raw edges. 


Align the zip along the bound edge (outer side facing up) and position it so you can see the zipper teeth alongside the binding. Pin in place and edge stitch along the bound edge catching in the zip and binding on the lining side. Open the zip and do the same on the other side. It doesn’t matter that the zip is longer, in fact it’s probably easier if the zip is longer, we will cut off the zip overhang later.

To make the tag using the 5cm x 6.5cm piece: Fold in both long edges to the middle of the wrong side, press. Fold in half and press. Edge stitch along the open edge. Fold in half and place it onto the centre of the bottom (outer side) of the pencil case. Pin and stitch to secure.

Turn the case inside out and pin the flat bottom corners  together, the zip should be in the centre. Stitch with a 0.5cm seam allowance, stitching across the zip. You may have to hand wheel the machine if it gets a bit stuck going through all the layers and zip. Cut the zip overhang flush to the edge of the pencil case.

Use the small strips to bind the inside raw edges: folding in the short raw edges of the binding, pin and stitch. Fold the binding over to the opposite side and stitch from this side. Do the same for both sides

Turn the pencil case to the right side and admire your handiwork!