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Potato Printing A Henley Zippy Bag

This is a great way to add decoration to any of our bag projects

This is the simplest of processes to add decoration to fabric or paper. 

 Printed Zippy Bag side on

We have used this technique on our Henley Zippy Bag but it would work just as well on the Arden Bag or the Croft Bag too.

The washable paper is ideal for this but you can use on fabric effectively too. We used textile ink as it’s easy to set on both paper and fabric by pressing with a hot iron to fix the ink.

Select your potato, make it close to the size you want your motif to be so there is less cutting involved. Cut it in half and dab off the excess moisture with some kitchen roll.

Use a sharpie or marker pen to draw on your design. Now using a sharp knife cut away the potato to create a simple design. If you have a Lino cutter you could try using this.

Have a play with repeating designs and placement on some spare paper or newsprint.

Once you have a design that you are satisfied with, draw around the template of your Henley Zippy bag onto the paper or fabric you are using. Make sure you have a front, a back and a tag pattern piece too.

Remember the cut out corners of your bag pattern forms the bottom of the bag so work out where you would like to place your design. You will also have a seam allowance all the way round so bear that in mind too. We started printing from the middle out so the design was central.

You can print the tag with a smaller piece of potato, just remember the tag will be folded in half and have seam allowance along the long edges too.

When the ink is dry, iron your design for a few minutes to heat set it (see your inks instructions) then make up your zippy bag as per the instructions.

Open view of the potato printed zippy bag

Follow our tutorial on making your henley zippy Bag.