Cutting and making the pocket

We cut the pocket 12cm x 14cm for our size 8 Peaseblossom, you may want a slightly larger pocket for the larger sizes. For the pocket we used the below tools:

Cut out the pocket and overlock the top edge.

Place wonder tape at the top and bottom of the pocket on the wrong side. The tape helps to stabilise the fabric and washes out in the first wash.

Fold down the top of the pocket by 2cm to the right side, this is your pocket facing.

Stitch along the sides of the pocket and pocket facing. It’s easier to stitch it from the bottom of the facing to the top rather than stitching from the top edge down as the fabric is less likely to catch in the foot plate.

Trim the two corners and peel the paper off the tape, turn the corners through to the right Side and stick that facing down. Top stitch the pocket from the right side, use a longer stitch, take it slow and use tweezers to help you feed the fabric through the machine to prevent any distortion.

Place wonder tape along the side seams on the wrong side and peel the paper off the tape, fold up the seam allowance, first along the bottom and then the sides and stick it down neatly.