Pattern Cutting Series Part 6 – Dart Manipulation

Now you have your blocks, you can start using them to create different styles

Using Darts to create style lines and details

Using darts to create style lines and design details is one of the basic fundamental techniques in pattern cutting.

Darts can be used to create seams, as well as other forms of suppression such as gathers, pleats and tucks.

They are a wonderful way to bend and shape fabric to create the 3D forms and shapes we want to wear.

The easiest way to use your basic blocks is to transfer them on to thin card, but remember to remove the seam allowances first so you can work ‘net’, just using the stitching or seam lines.

If you want to practice some of the adaptations in the course but don’t want to use full size blocks, you can print off our Quarter Scale Size 14 Basic Blocks. This way you can practice without have to use lots of paper.

Quarter Scale Blocks

You will need to have your pattern cutting equipment to hand especially a nice sharp pencil!