Make up remover pads – Sewing machine method

Make up remover pads using a sewing machine

Draw circles onto the wrong side of the cotton or jersey fabrics, you can draw lots of circles on one large piece to save time.

Place the towelling fabric and the cotton or jersey fabrics right sides together and pin in the centre.

Sew around the circle following the drawn line but stop about 3cm before the start so you have a gap (make sure you secure the stitching at the start and finish).

Cut out the circles aprox 0.5cm away from the stitching.

Turn through the gap so they are the right way round. Press the seam allowance in at the gap and sew the gap closed from the right side.

You will now have a lovely eco friendly, neat edged make up remover pad! Remember to wash these pads regularly to keep clean.

Now why not try our simple drawstring bag project to keep your lovely pads in.

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