July in the Diploma

All the Zoom sessions and tasks for July

What To Do In July

I have added the fitting session from the July Studio sessions for you by person so you can watch the video of your own fitting to help you make any adjustments you need to the bodice and skirt toiles.

I am so sorry the videos are later than I’d hoped. This is due to COVID self isolation and the team working from home without the necessary tech. 

But this hasn’t put us back and you are all still on track!

Remember to have look at the Sewing Processes and Pattern Cutting sections for more information on the Suppression samples and the 1/4scale skirt adaptations.

This months Tasks include some deadlines to help you focus and make sure you have work ready for some interim feedback. So please remember to bring your pattern cutting and Sewing Processes folders with you for the August sessions.

Don’t forget to fill out your Sewing Journal to help keep you on track with your work.

Diploma 2021 – July Tasks