Trimming and Pressing

Cut down the middle in between the parallel lines of sewing on the pocket jet, stopping short by 1cm. Snip in to meet the ends of the sewing lines, cutting right up to the end of the last stitch, but don’t cut through the stitching itself. Then flip the garment over and do the same through the garment layer.

Pull the pocket jet through the gap to the wrong side of the garment. Carefully press the bottom jet seam open and continue to press out from the seam to either end of the jet. Do the same for the top of the jet seam.

Poke the little triangles back to the wrong side too.

Fold the pocket jet down over the seam allowance to create the first lip of the pocket. Do the same with the other side of the jet. From the right side adjust the jets so that the lips of the pocket are even. Press lightly steam in place.