Infinity Scarf

An easy project to get you started with sewing, or a quick and satisfying make to finish off any outfit.


  1. craftysue53 says:

    Brilliant Jules, so clear & easy to follow. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely patterns on the online courses. See you soon at the Retreat. Xx

    1. jep5941@gmail.com says:

      Can’t wait to get cracking!☺️

  2. LindaP says:

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to making my own scarf 😊

  3. Sewingsusan says:

    This was so wonderful! I can’t wait for more lessons/tutorials! Your style of teaching is soothing and perfectly detailed. Thank you!

  4. Catrionam says:

    This is fab, Jules. So clear, and you make everything so easy to understand. Love the hemming template. Will always do that from now on. Thanks!

  5. 1 says:

    I understand that the tube length is 150cms (which can be the width of fabric selvidge to selvidge) but how wide is the thickness of the scarf?

    1. Sew Me Something says:

      We make ours at 40cm width but it’s entirely up to you how wide you’d want your scarf to be.

  6. Garlisa says:

    Watching you is better than a yoga meditation session. You and your voice are so calming. The video and instructions are so clear. I will have no hesitation in signing up for more of your on line courses.
    Thank you.

  7. Mo says:

    I embrace all the comments already made jules, love the scarf video, look forward to more patterns to purchase , just a little concerned about any technology involved. Must mention also the ties were brilliant. ( sewing quarter) many thanks.

  8. ContraryMary says:

    Really enjoyed the tutorial – looking forward not only to making my scarf (off to raid my stash right now!) but also other, future courses. Love the delivery, a very calming voice and clear instructions. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

  9. Grace says:

    The first time I watched this tutorial I enjoyed it. Now I have purchased a pack and want to make the scarf. The tutorial will no longer play and I have an orange bar blocking the top of my screen saying to activate your course cats licence to remove the message. I tried to do this by following the instructions, to receive a forbidden error message. The video still wont play, the annoying orange screen bar persists, my scarf is not made and I’m put off buying the Helena course in case I can’t access it.

    1. Sew Me Something says:

      Apologies Grace. We will look into this immediately.

      1. Grace says:

        The problem is on my
        Laptop I’m having a different experience on my iPad but not yet fully resolved

  10. Grace says:


    today the website is working perfectly and I am pleased to say I have just finished my scarf. I learned quite a lot from this little project. The mistakes I have made are minimal and not obvious so it won’t stop me enjoying my scarf. I will probably make it again to correct my mistake and have the scarf in a different colour.
    Thanks for a lovely project

    1. Sew Me Something says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed the course and as they say…practice makes perfect!

  11. Fiona22264 says:

    What a great video, I really enjoyed watching you and it’s so easy to follow. I can’t wait to have a go at making this.

  12. Booksxbobs says:

    Should I wash the linen before using it?

    1. Sew Me Something says:

      If you’re using laundered linen there is no need as it’s already been through the process

  13. siansweet says:

    Perfect tutorial, thanks Jules! Will get going on making several for Christmas gifts 🙂

  14. rosierycroft says:

    What a beautiful tutorial and a beautiful scarf. Beautifully filmed and edited, one of the best on the internet I have seen. Beautifully explained and demonstrated by you. I could listen to you talk all day, so calming. Right off to my sewing room……Thank you Jules!

  15. Wendy1 says:

    Hello – is it possible to have subtitles on the online courses? There are videos that are marked cc on youtube for example – they automatically convert speech to subtitles. We live in the 21st century so let’s make this accessible for deaf and hard of hearing sewists!

  16. r700mad@googlemail.com says:

    Love love this scarf made so so many in lovely linen…✂️✂️✂️

  17. CraftySal says:

    I have already made an infinity scarf – one of my favourites – when I came across Sew Me Something a few years ago. Despite having made one, I learned lots of useful hints and tips from the tutorial and can’t wait to make lots more as Christmas pressies. Keep up the brilliant Sewing Studio tutorials and courses.

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