How to sew darts

Learn how to sew the perfect darts

Darts are wedge shaped sections of fabric

These are folded out and stitched together to remove excess fabric and create a three dimensional shape. 

They can also be used to create a more personalised fit to a garment by altering and adapting them within the pattern itself.

Think of the way we pleat out a section of flat paper to make a cone. The centre of the ‘cone’ is usually the apex of the curve the fabric needs to be shaped over. So this could be the bust point on a bodice, over the buttocks or even across the shoulder blades.

Although the pivot point of a dart may be the apex of a curve the dart point will always be away from this to allow for a flatter area at the apex to create a softer, more dome-like shape.

Darts can be moved around the pivot point to create different effects or features.

There are two main types of darts: A Basic Dart that starts. on the edge of a piece of fabric and a Fishtail or double pointed dart that runs through the middle of a garment to add extra shape. Both are covered in the next Lessons.