How To Make The ‘La Piastrella’ Block

This block is all pieced so it’s important that the pieces are cut and sewn accurately. Use a rotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting ruler and sew your seams with an accurate ¼ inch seam.  We will make 8 at a time half square triangles (HST’s) which is a really quick way of making HST’s to save time.

Use a small stitch length

Finished block size is 16.5 inch square.

Seam allowance: ¼ inch seam (6mm).


Fabric quantities for this block:

Colour E (light): 20 inches x 20 inches (approx 1 fat quarter)

Colour A (dark): 20 inches 11 inches

Colour B (bright): 9 inches x 8 inches



Colour E (light): Cut four 4 ½ inch squares. Cut one 5 ¾ inch square. Cut twelve 4 ½ inch x 2 ½ inch strips. Cut four 2 ½ inch squares. 

Colour A (dark): Cut one 5 ¾ inch square. Cut ten 2 ½ inch squares. Cut one 2 ½ inch x 6 ½ inch strip. 

Colour B (bright): Cut two 1 ½ x 8 ½ inch strips. Cut two 1 ½ x 6 ½ inch strips.