How To Make The ‘Kriss Kross’ Block

For this block we are keeping it simple. Lots of half square triangles for you to sew. We sew them slightly bigger than you will need and then trim them to 4 ½ inch squares.  

You will need 3 colours of fabric. One for the background, one for the ‘star’ and one for the centre ‘square’.

Fabric quantities for Block 5:
Background (Colour E light): 10 inch x 20 inch
Star (Colour B bright): 10 inch x 10 inch
Centre square and filler (Colour C mid): 10 inch x 10 inch

Fabric cutting for Block 5.

Colour E Light (white): Cut eight 5 inch squares

Colour B (bright): Cut four 5 inch squares

Centre square and filler:
Colour C Mid (mid red): Cut four 5 inch squares

Small stitch length
Finished block size is 16.5 inch square.
Seam allowance: ¼ inch seam (6mm).