Lesson 3 – Embroidered Hearts

How to embroider your heart

Embroidered Heart:

Follow lesson 1 to get your heart shape cut out.

Choose a design from the templates and trace in pencil or erasable fabric marker onto the front of one of the hearts. You can do this by holding the design up against the window or fold over the paper template at each embroidery row and draw in the running stitch lines. If you are confident, Draw in the first couple of running stitch lines as a guide, you can the free hand embroider the rest.

Choose a coloured thread and cut off approx. 70cm. Then split/ untwist the thread In half lengthwise so that you are working with 3 strands of thread instead of 6. Make a knot in the end and stitch the top line of running stitch. continue to choose different colours (remembering to split the strands in half) and stitch the rest using the stitch library for details.

We have used running stitch, whipped running stitch, eskimo laced running, fly stitch and French knots below.

Once you have finished the embroidery follow lesson 1 to finish the remainder of your heart.

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