Lesson 1 – Making a Basic Heart

Cut the interfacing into 3 equal pieces and iron onto each fabric. Ensure the glue side of the interfacing is face down on the fabric.

Top Tip: Don’t use steam and start with the iron on warm, turn up the iron if it does not adhere.

Cut our 2 hearts from each fabric using the template and drawing with a pencil or fabric marker.

Top Tip: The 3mm flat part in the dip of the heart is important when sewing in the hanging ribbon later so make sure you take care to cut this out neatly. You should have 6 hearts (3 pairs)

Plain lavender heart:

Cut off approx. 25cm of ribbon. Fold in half and pin into the right side of the heart with the tail ends poking out of the topped the loop upside down.

Place the plain matching heart on top facing down. Make sure the right sides of the fabric are together, the loop is sandwiched between the two hearts and the tail ends are poking out whilst the loop is safely inside. Pin around the outside.

Starting 2.5cm away from the bottom point of the heart. Stitch around the heart using a 0.5cm seam allowance or the edge of your machine foot leaving a gap of approx. 6cm along one straight edge.

Top Tip: Don’t stitch into the point at the top of the heart, instead stitch around the curve, pivot again and stitch across the point (2 stitches should do it) then pivot again and continue stitching around the next curve of the heart. You can sew the heart by hand if you prefer – back stitch using 1 strand of embroidery thread.

Snip the point of the heart off within the seam allowance and clip into the seam allowance around the curves of the heart taking care not to cut into the stitching. This releases the tension around the curves and removes the bulk at the point.

Turn the heart the right side out by pulling everything through the gap and fold the seam allowance in along the gap. Poke out the point of the heart with your fingertips.

Stuff with a small amount of stuffing and some dried lavender.

Slip stitch the hole gap closed by hand.

This will be the process to make all the different hearts.