Sewing the Shell

Cut your pieces out.

Place the bag pieces on top of each other with the right sides together and stitch down the side seams. Press the seams open and flat.

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other, match up the 1/4 notches on the base with the side seams and the centre notches on the bag. Pin together easing the bag seam allowance round the curve of the base. Clip the bag seam allowance if you need to. Stitch together.

Press under the seam allowances on the bag handles. Fold in half and top stitch. Do the same with the button loop.

We have used top stitching thread to finish our straps with.

To use topstitching thread in your bobbin and spool ensure you use a denim or topstitching needle- a size 14 or 16. Stitch slowly and DONT reverse or lockoff the stitching, leave a long tail end and within the layers.

You can use a normal thread in the bobbin and a top stitch thread in the top spool as we have done when topstitching all around the top of the bag.

Line up the handles on the right side of the main bag, so they sit over the notches with the seam facing inwards. The handles should be upside down so the ends are upwards and hang over the edge of the bag by about 2cm. Place the button loop in the same way central between the handles.