Finishing the bag

With the lining inside out and the bag the right way round, put the bag inside the lining. Make sure the handles and button loop are tucked down inside between the bag and the lining so the ends are just poking out over the top edge of the bag. Match up the side seams making sure the top edges are level too.

Stitch all round the top edge catching in the bag handles but make sure to leave a gap of about 10cm to turn the bag through between the handles.

Turn the bag through the gap and tuck the lining back down inside the bag. Press the top edge so it is nice and crisp. Now edge stitch around the top edge to close the gap.

To cover the self cover button. Cut your fabric about 2cm bigger than the button.

Sew a running/ gathering stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull gently.

Place the button inside and pull tight and click the back of the button over the top. Make sure you get the right side of the back of the button, the outer rim/ lip should face up.

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