Making Your Pattern

On your paper draw a horizontal line at the bottom measuring 38cm (15inchs). From the centre of this line draw a vertical line up 23cm (9inchs). Draw another line 2.5cm (i inch) horizontally on top. At one side draw a vertical line from the side up by 5cm (2 inches). Draw a curve joining the top horizontal line to the short side vertical line- use a large dinner plate or tray to help draw the curve. Make a fold along the centre line and cut out your semi circle. This is your lining and batting pattern piece. You will need to cut 2 x lining and 2 x batting. 

To make the main pattern piece use your pattern that you have just made and draw a line 2.75cm away from the centre line. Trace this quarter circle off onto another piece of paper. This is your main pattern piece. You will need to cut 4.