Scrunchie Project

Cut the Fabric required

Measure 5cm in from the short ends on the wrong side and mark.

Fold over lengthwise (right sides together) and pin along the long edge. Sew between the marks using a 1cm seam allowance or the edge of your machine foot.

Turn right side out, using the safety pin to help if needed.

Take the short unsewn ends and pin and sew, right sides together.

Thread the elastic through using the safety pin – ensure you secure the elastic to one opening so you don’t loose the elastic. Overlap the elastic by 1.5cm and sew with a zig zag to form a circle.

Fold in the seam allowance, pin and sew gap closed.

You will now have a lovely hair scrunchie! Now why not try our drawstring bag project to store in your lovely new hair band in.

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