How To Make A Roll Bag

You will need:

  • 30cm x 110cm of each outer and lining fabric
  • SMS A4 Roll Bag Pattern
  • Tailors chalk or erasable fabric pen
  • Optional: ready made binding: 1.3m

Outer fabric: 

Cut 1 outer roll bag (When cutting this and the lining piece its best to put the outer and lining right sides together and cut them together so you have the curved part on the correct side).

Cut 2 pocket flaps

Cut strips 4.5cm wide for binding, join them together (link to make binding) to make approx 1.3m of binding.

NB: it does not need to be cut on the bias


Cut 1 outer roll bag (When cutting this and the outer piece its best to put the outer and lining right sides together and cut them together so you have the curved part on the correct side)

Cut 1 large pocket

Cut 1 small pocket

Seam allowance is 1 cm, unless otherwise stated.

A Bit Of Prep:

Sew the binding to the upper edge of the large pocket. To do this, place the right side of the binding to the wrong side of the pocket. Stitch. Press the seam allowance up towards the binding. Fold the binding over and then over again to the right side of the pocket and press. Top stitch close to the edge, covering the first row of stitching. 

Repeat with the small pocket.

On both pockets: On the right hand side of the pocket, press under the seam allowance to the wrong side by 1cm. 

With the rest of the binding, fold the long raw edges into the centre to the wrong side and press. Then fold in half and press.

Tuck in the short raw ends.

Edge stitch along the folded edge to create the ties for the bag. Cut the tie in half so you have two ties. 

Make the pocket flap 

With right sides together sew around the curved edge. Trim the seam down to approx 0.5cm.

Clip the seam allowance around the curve and turn through to the right side. Press.

Adding the pockets to the lining

Place the pockets onto the bag lining, matching up the bottom corners, and pin along the sides of the pockets that are folded under. Stitch the right side of the pockets to the lining and machine baste around the bottom and left side within the seam allowance to secure.

Adding compartments to the large pocket

Depending on what you want to use your roll bag for, decide where you’d like to stitch the compartments for your make up brushes/ pencils etc and mark these lines with a chalk pen/erasable pen. Stitch from the top edge of the pocket to the base. We marked every 3/ 3.5/ 4 cm to create different sized compartments.

Adding the pocket flap

Place the pocket flaps raw edge along the small pocket top edge. Make sure the flap sits away from the bottom edge by placing 1.5cm up from the bottom edge. Pin. 

Stitch the pocket flap down twice, once using the foot as a guide and again using a 1cm seam. Trim down the seam allowance next to the first row of stitching. 

Fold the pocket flap towards the pocket and stitch using the foot as a guide, enclosing the raw edges beneath.

Mark a line down from the flap and stitch the pocket to create a smaller pocket as an extra compartment.

Adding the ties

Pin your ties just underneath the binding on the left hand side (curved edge) and machine baste within the seam allowance.

Sewing it all together

Lay the outer bag piece on top of the lining (right sides together), making sure the ties are tucked inside. Sew around the outer edges but remember to leave a gap along the bottom edge so that you can turn through. Clip into the inner corner and clip the outer corners to release any tension. Trim and clip the curved edge.

Turn through to the correct side and wiggle out the corners, press. Tuck in the seam allowance at the gap and either slip stitch or edge stitch the gap closed. 

Fold over the flap at the top to the lining side and press. Edge stitch close to the top edge to secure. This keeps your brushes or pens from falling out.