Sewing the Outer Booklet

We have made our book using up our fabric scraps, colour blocking the outer cover.

Ensure you have your outer, lining and interlining cut out.

Cut your felt pages out.

Now is the time to add any decoration you would like to the outer cover, if you would like to embroider or appliqué a pattern, the options are endless! We have left ours plain for now as we have colour blocked instead.

Sew together you panels (if using)

Lay the outer of your needle book on top of the interlining and press together or machine around the edges.

Place the pieces of ribbon or cord in the centre of the side edges lining up the end of the ribbon with the raw edge of the fabric.

Lay the lining of the needle book with the right side down on top of the outer (right sides together). Pin together and stitch round the edge using a 1cm seam allowance, but leave a gap of 4cm at the bottom.

Trim the corners and turn the needle book through the gap. Poke out the corners and give it a press.

Slip stitch the gap closed.