Drawstring Bag Project

If you wish, overlock the long sides before you start. (If you intend to wash the bag with the pads inside it’s probably a good idea or you can use pinking shears to ‘pink the edges)

On the back of your fabric, measure and mark 4cm down from both the short ends. These short sides are the top of your bag.

Turn over the top of the bag (to the wrong side) and press.

With right sides together, fold your fabric in half (the fold line is the bottom of your bag) and pin along the sides.

Sew with a 1cm seam allowance starting and stopping at your marker line. You can ‘pink’ the raw edges if you wish if you haven’t already done so or leave them unfinished.

Press the seam allowance open just at the top of the bag only.

Then fold down the folded top of the bag by 1.5cm and pin. Edge stitch aprox 1.3cm down from the top to enclose the raw edge, this makes a channel for the ribbon.

Using a safety pin, thread one piece of ribbon from the left, all the way round to the start. Do the same with the other piece of ribbon from the right hand opening.

Knot ribbons to secure and turn the bag the right way round.

To make the jersey version, follow the above and stitch on the machine using a ballpoint needle and an elongated zig zag stitch instead of a straight stitch (this prevents the stitches from breaking when the fabric is stretched)

You will now have a simple drawstring bag! Now why not try our make up remover pads project to store in your lovely new bag.

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