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Quilting your fabric

Lay the pattern pieces onto the main fabric and trace around them with chalk or a water soluble pen.

Cut them out leaving plenty of fabric around the edges. (Red dotted lines)

Layer up with the backing fabric at the bottom, the wadding and then the main fabric on top.

*Top tip you can use a basting spray to keep all the layers together instead of safety or quilting pins.

Using a quilting or walking foot, start at one corner of the fabric and sew a line of stitches diagonally across your layered piece.

Sew the next line about 4cm from the first. You can use a quilting arm to help you keep your stitches parallel. Continue sewing in parallel line across your fabric.

Now turn your fabric round and stitch across you first rows of stitches to create a diamond shape quilting.

The quilting of the fabric will alter the initial shapes you have drawn on your fabric, so use your pattern pieces to achieve accurately cut pieces.