How To Make The Large Pot

For the base:

Draw around your item and add on 1cm seam allowance. We used a plate. Ours measures 21cm (diameter) including seam allowance. Cut out 1 in lining fabric (inner pot), 1 in cotton drill (outer pot) and 1 in interfacing.

For the sides:

For the cotton drill outer pot. Measure the circumference of your base (not including the seam allowance) using a tape measure and add on 2cm (seam allowance). Ours is 65.5cm. This is the length of your sides. Use this measurement x 15cm height to cut a rectangle for your outer pot. 

For the lining (inner pot and turn up) cut another rectangle (this time slightly longer in height) 65.5cm x 20cm in lining fabric and another in interfacing. 

Top tip: if your fabric is floppy, like our linen, cut out your interfacing first and iron it on your fabric before you’ve cut your fabric out properly. You can then cut around your neat interfacing piece and fabric. 

Interface your lining pieces.