Cressida Dress

HACK ALERT! This is a fabulous pattern made even better by turning it into a dress!

You will have your own Cressida Dress pattern to download and keep.

We have several options for you to choose from, if you already have the Cressida Pattern you can just download the skirt pattern pieces.

But if you prefer to download the whole dress pattern we have that as an option below too, in both A4 Tiled print at home formats and the large 36″ wide formats that we can offer in our PDF Printing Service.


CRESSIDA DRESS skirt only tiled A4 pdf


Cressida Dress sheet 1 Tiled

Cressida Dress Sheet 2 Tiled

CRESSIDA DRESS Whole pattern

The Cressida Dress is basically the same to make up as the Cressida Jumpsuit so you can follow along to most of the Cressida Jumpsuit lessons.

We have included them here to make it easier for you, no jumping back and forth, you can simply follow the course from start to finish.



So What’s Different

View 02

Fabric Choices

Chosing the right fabric can make all the difference to your project

View 03


These are all the other things you'll need to make your dress

View 04

Fabric Quantities

The fabric quantities for the Cressida Dress are on page 1 of the Cressida Dress PDF Instructions

View 05

Pattern adjustments

Sometimes a small pattern adjustment can make a much better fit

View 06

Cutting out and marking up

The best ways to cut out and transfer pattern markings to your fabric

View 07

A Little bit of Prep

Attaching interfacing and stay stitching. Instead of the fly facing you'll be using the Skirt Front Facing so make sure to add interfacing to that.

View 08

Front Darts

Pinning , sewing and pressing the darts

View 09

Making up the top

Sewing the top and creating the cuffs

View 10

The Collar

Making up and attaching the collar

View 11

Making up the Pockets

This is where it deviates slightly from the Jumpsuit, but the processes are exactly the same. Remember to use the pocket pieces for the dress as they are a different shape to the Jumpsuit pockets

View 12

Making up the Skirt

This is the same as the jumpsuit with sewing up the side seams, just miss out the inside leg seams

View 13

Joining the top to the Skirt

Again this follows exactly the same process for the Jumpsuit, you're just adding a skirt instead

View 14

Sewing and attaching the facing

Exactly the same as the jumpsuit, but using the skirt front facings instead of the fly facing

View 15

Finishing the front opening

Top stitch in the same way as the jumpsuit but sew all the way down the skirt fronts to the hem

View 16

Buttons and buttonholes

Marking and sewing buttonholes and sewing on the buttons. All the buttonhole positions are on the new skirt pattern pieces

View 17

Finishing the hem

This is a quick and easy way to finish the hem of the dress

View 18

Making up the tie belt

The tie belt just finishes off the dress

View 18

The finished Cressida dress

It really is worth having a go at the hacked version of Cressida and turning it into a dress