Cordelia Dress

Cordelia is an incredibly flattering shape for all sizes. The jersey knit fabric makes it very quick to make up and fit as well.

As part of the Cordelia Dress Course you will have your own PDF Pattern.

You can choose to print this off at home in A4 format and stick all the sheets together. You can download the A0 size PDF and send it to a copy shop. Or you can opt for the large format version and order your copy of the pattern from our PDF Pattern Printing Service.

All versions are included in the files below.  Right click on the links to open them in a new tab, and save and print your pattern.

Cordelia A4 tiled PDF

Cordelia Dress A0 PDF pattern

Large Format PDF Printing Service


Body Measurements & Fabric Requirements

You will also find links below to all the supplies you will need to make up your own Cordelia Dress.


Can I make this in a Woven Fabric?

No the Cordelia Dress is just for Stretchy Knit fabrics.


Fabric Choices

Choosing the right fabrics for you Cordelia Dress will make the whole process much much easy to make and you'll get a better fit too.

View 02


Make sure you have everything you need to hand to make up your Cordelia Dress

View 03

Machine Options for Making Cordelia

There are different machines you can use to make up your Cordelia Dress. Have a look at an overview.

View 04

Using a Sewing Machine

It is possible to make the entire Cordelia Dress with just a sewing machine, even though its made with Jersey Knit fabric.

View 05

Using an Overlocker

Using an overlocker will ensure your sewing is much more professionally finished, but it is not essential.

View 06

Using a Cover Stitch Machine

This will give your sewing a Super Professional finish. But you could use a normal twin needle if you prefer.

View 07

What Size to Make

Use the pattern information to help you decide which size to make up.

View 08

Pattern Alterations

These are just a few alterations you can try to help to get a better fit.

View 09

Cutting Out

Now you have the pattern sorted, it's time to cut out the fabric.

View 10

Marking up

It is VERY important that you transfer ALL the pattern information carefully to ensure the twist works correctly.

View 11

Making up the dress Back.

Sewing the back of the dress together first, makes it much easier to sew the rest of the dress together.

View 12

Making up the Dress Front

This lesson is all about making the Twist work. So you can pause and rewind as many times as you need too.

View 13

shoulders & facing

Putting the shoulders together now gives you option of finishing off the facing at the same time. This is different to the PDF instructions so you can follow that method if you prefer.

View 14

Sleeve options

Cordelia has three Sleeve or sleeveless options. So you can chose which one you prefer.

View 15

Version 1 – sleeveless

This version shows you how to neaten off the armhole for a sleeveless option.

View 16

Version 2 – Straight 3/4 Length sleeve

This Version give you a straight 3/4 length sleeve option. But it is very easy to extend the sleeve to make it full length.

View 17

Version 3 – Butterfly sleeve

This version gives you a pretty flared butterfly sleeve option.

View 18

Side Seams

Whatever version you choose for the sleeve you can pick up the lessons from here to finish your dress.

View 19

Finishing the Hem

Now its time to finish and press the hem - you're nearly there!