Circle Bag

For a large 60 cm diameter flat bag you will need:

To Create The Pattern: 

Draw a horizontal and vertical line the length of half the diameter of the circle you want. We drew ours 28cm (11 inches). 

To draw the quarter circle, take a piece of string and tie it to a pencil. Hold/pin the end of the string at the corner point and draw a curve holding the pencil upright. This is your quarter circle pattern. 

To Cut Your Circle

Fold your fabric in half and then in half again. Pin on your pattern and cut your fabric. You should have a full circle. Do the same for your lining fabric.

Fold the circle in half and mark the halfway points at the circle’s edge. This will help when sewing the binding later.

To Make The Binding

Cut your fabric on its 45 degree angle (along the bias), then cut strips of 8cm (3 ⅛ inch). You will need nearly 2m of binding for the large bag. 

To join the strips, lay one strip horizontal face up, then lay another strip vertical face down. Stitch along the diagonal and trim the seam allowance. 

Press the seam open and press the binding in half lengthwise (wrong sides facing).

To Make The Bag

On the binding, fold over the raw short edge by 1cm and tuck it inside itself. 

Line up this folded binding with the mark on one edge of the fabric circle (right sides facing). 

Pin in place and stitch using a small 0.6cm seam allowance (or edge of foot).

When you get to the other mark half way round, cut the binding 1cm longer than the mark. 

Fold the raw edge of the binding inside itself and finish stitching the binding to this side. 

Repeat this on the other edge of the circle. 

Lay the other fabric circle on top (right sides facing) so that the binding is sandwiched between the two fabric circles. Pin and stitch the circles together following the already sewn line of stitching as a guide but remember to leave a gap of about 12 cm so you can turn through to the right side. It’s easier if you pin the quarter marks first and ease/ pin each quarter circle. 

Turn through to the right side and give everything a good press. Fold in the seam allowance in the gap and stitch closed.

Thread one of the pieces of tape through the bias channel using a safety pin, start at one side and thread all the way around. Make a knot. 

Thread the other tape starting at the opposite opening, all the way around. Make a knot.

Use it to tidy away the toys or use it as a make-up bag. There are lots of possibilities.