Sewing the shell

Sewing together the outside of the stocking

Attach the stocking top by matching up the stocking and stocking top, then flipping the stocking top down so the right sides are together and the raw edges are level.

Stitch across the seam and fold the stocking top back up again. Press the seam flat and open.

This is now the time for you to decorate your stocking how you wish, you could add grow grain ribbon along the seam, appliqué stars onto the stocking of the body and add a contrast toe.

If you decide to add a contrast toe onto the stocking body, use a zig zag stitch as a decorative idea.

Put the front and back stocking together with the right sides on the inside. Stitch all round leaving the top open.

Clip the seams and turn the stocking the right way round.

Give the stocking a good press.