Making a pattern for Your Cargo Pocket

It's easy to create your own pattern to get your pocket just the right size.

It is pretty straightforward to draft your own pattern.  

You can easily change the dimensions to suit the project you’re working on.

I wanted the finished pocket to be 13.5cm wide and 16.5cm long. So I drew this shape out first. Then I added on 4.5cm across the top for the pocket facing and 4cm to the other three sides to add in extra to create the depth of the pocket. This is what will make it stand away from the main fabric.

Split the pocket in half and add in an extra 10cm for the inverted box pleat. Make sure to keep everything nice and square so your pocket remains even.

Cut out a square 2.5cm by 2.5cm from each of the bottom corners. This will create the square base of the pocket.

To create the pattern for the pocket flap I drew a rectangle 16cm in wide and 9.3cm long. Along each short side I marked down 6.5 from the top edge and used these to draw the angle edges down to the centre of the bottom edge.

You will need to cut 2 pocket flaps, one is for the pocket flap lining, so this is a chance to use a contrast fabric for a bit of extra decoration.

Now you have your pattern pieces you can cut them in fabric.
  • Main pocket cut 1
  • Pocket flap cut 1
  • Pocket flap lining cut 1