Attaching the cargo pocket

Keep your pocket square as you sew it to the main fabric

Attaching the Cargo Pocket couldn’t be simpler.

Mark out the pocket placement lines on your garment or project

It is much easier to mark the whole square of the pocket position so you can make sure the pocket stays square in the corners. Allow a good 1-1.5cm between the pocket and the pocket flap placement line.

Place the top of the pocket at the top placement line, line up the base of the pocket at the bottom points, and pin in place.

Make sure that the four corners of the pocket base are directly under the four corners of the front of the pocket. Edge stitch around the pocket base, pivoting at each corner before continuing.

Sew a small rectangle or triangle at the top corners of the pocket to reinforce the pocket opening.

Now you can either leave it there, or add a pocket flap.