Cargo Pocket

These are a brilliant and utilitarian addition to any project

Utilitarian Cargo pockets are so very useful

They are a great addition to a whole range of different projects.

They work particularly well on our Ariel Trousers and can be used instead of the side patch pockets. A Cargo pocket would also be a useful feature on our Arden Bag. You could make one the perfect size for your phone then never have to lose it at the bottom of your bag again!

There are a whole range of variations that can be achieved but this one uses a pleated pocket with a flap. It is generally a good idea to make the flap about 6mm wider than the pocket, so that the flap will sit neatly over the pocket and the pocket will not be visible along the sides of the flap.

Follow the lessons to learn how to create your own pattern and make up the Cargo Pocket.