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Embroidery Stitches

A Few Basic Stitches to help you embellish or create a beautiful decorative feature

Here are the Embroidery Stitches included in the Tutorial

Just scroll through the video until you find the one you are looking for
  • 01.12.00         Running Stitch
  • 02.20.00         Back Stitch
  • 03.30.00         Long and Short Stitch
  • 04.35.00         Satin Stitch
  • 05.50.00         Stem Stitch
  • 06.45.00         Split Stitch
  • 07.59.00         Couching Stitch
  • 09.01.00         Chain Stitch
  • 10.28.00         French Knots
  • 11.30.00         Blanket Stitch
  • 12.32.00         Feather Stitch

You can also download the PDF instruction booklet that has a few project ideas for you to start with.

Embroidery stitch’s PDF instructions