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What’s New For Sew Me Something This Month?

It feels as if we were in January, we blinked and we’re now in April. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, (well mostly sewing). However, we all know that life isn’t always fun, fun, fun – Stress can filter in from various parts of life and can have such an impact on a person’s health. We know we lowered the tone there slightly, but we wanted to bring attention to the fact that April is Stress Awareness Month and the importance of looking after yourself. How do you manage stress? Do you take time out to read a book, sew, do some gardening in the fresh air, take a leisurely walk? Whatever you choose to do, take that time to recharge and do something you enjoy.

Many things have been happening here at SMS HQ, but let us take a look at the star of our show for this month…. the Olivia Origami Sweatshirt Pattern.

Introducing The Olivia Origami Sweatshirt

Featuring the Olivia Origami Sweatshirt made up in Sweatshirt Fleece Backed Petrol Blue Fabric

Our Olivia Origami Sweatshirt will instantly lift your outfit, if you pair it with your comfiest denim jeans – have you tried the Duchess Pattern, or if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous pair it with a floaty skirt (how about the Desdemona Pattern?) when the weather brightens up. It has interesting wrap-around seam detailing and stylish shaped cocoon cuffs. Keep it simple and elegant with one fabric of your choice.  Try a colour block design for a playful take on layering. ​Choose between bold colours, pastels or a mix of print and plain fabrics. Take your pick from our fabric collection, we do offer a swatch service if you’d like to try before you buy.

Available in UK Sizes XXS – XXXL, so it’s perfect for all shapes and sizes. 
You can purchase the Paper or PDF Pattern here.

Suggested Fabrics

We suggest that the sweatshirt sewing pattern is best made up in Fleeceback Sweatshirting, French Terry or Ponte Roma. If you’re opting for simple and elegant with one fabric, here are some of our top pick fabrics to help you feel cosy, yet looking amazing. 

You can never have too many sweatshirts in your capsule wardrobe, so why not add another? Purchase the sewing pattern here.

Olivia Origami Sweatshirt : In-Depth Sewing Course 

Thinking about making the Olivia Origami Sweatshirt? The following Sewing Techniques will help you along the way.

If you are already a Sewing Studio Member, login to your account and get sewing, if you haven’t joined us online yet, you can sign up now to access all the sewing tips and tricks you need to make your Olivia Origami Sweatshirt (and to support you with your other sewing project too).

Sewing Skills and Techniques: Inserting Flat Piping

Flat piping gives detail to a garment and is a great way to add emphasis to seams, pockets and around the edges of collars. To work out how wide the bias strip needs to be, decide on the amount of piping you want to be visible, then add on the seam allowance you want to use. Then double this amount as the bias strip needs to be folded in half.

Follow the Bias Strip Videos which feature in our sewing techniques section of the Sewing Studio to find out quick and easy ways of cutting and making Bias Strips. 

Sewing Skills and Techniques: Neck Facing

A simple neck facing is the simplest form of facing and will be a mirror image of the main garment. 

The right side of a facing is shown on the inside of the garment so it will need to be a ‘reverse’ shape of the main garment, especially if the garment has an asymmetrical neckline.

To find out more about Neck Facing, head over to the ‘sewing techniques’ section in The Sewing Studio.

Sewing Skills and Techniques: Twin Needle

Twin needles can be used to create parallel and decorative stitches on a whole host of fabrics.

Watch the in-depth video here

How To Work With Knits Online Sewing Course

Our comprehensive How To Work With Jersey Knit Fabrics Course will take your sewing up to the next level and will not only allow you to create a more diverse capsule wardrobe, but will enable you to use a new fabric in a completely different way.

When becoming a member of the Sewing Studio, you will be able to access our Sewing Planner where you can collate all your fabrics and notes to make sure you can re-create the types of stitch and the setting you have used for them. There is also a fabric library for you to add swatches and information on the fabrics you are using.

If you are already a Sewing Studio Member, login to your account and get sewing, if you haven’t joined us online yet, you can sign up now to access all the sewing tips and tricks you need to make your Olivia Origami Sweatshirt (and to support you with your other sewing project too).

A comfortable sweatshirt that you can lounge on your sofa in, watching your favourite TV programme (Sewing Bee possibly?) or ideal for a weekend outing with friends. This sewing pattern really is a throw-on-and-go casual outfit.

Featuring the Olivia Origami Sweatshirt sewing pattern in Mauve Melange Loopback Sweatshirt Fabric, Peach Passion Loopback Sweatshirt Fabric and Sweatshirt Fleece Backed Fulton Red Fabric

I love the Sweatshirt made up in Fleece Backed Fabric because it’s super comfortable and is super soft on your skin. The best sweatshirts are the ones you don’t ever want to take off!” – Claire, SMS Team.

To make your new favourite, go-to sweatshirt, access our in-depth online sewing course in the Sewing Studio today.

One of the many benefits of the Sewing Studio is that all in-depth courses include a free PDF sewing pattern. You are able to print off the pattern yourself at home or we can print off the pattern for you, just let us know by using our pattern printing service.

The Olivia Origami Online Sewing Course guides you through how to make your own Sweatshirt following these 12 step-by-step lessons, including:

  • Suitable Fabrics
  • Supplied Needed
  • A Little Bit Of Prep
  • Seam One
  • Seam Two
  • Seam Three
  • Seam Four
  • Seam Five
  • Seam Six
  • Seam Seven
  • Attaching The Facings and Topstitchings
  • Your Finished Olivia Origami Sweatshirt 

A Sweatshirt as comfortable as our Olivia Origami was made to have a place in your capsule wardrobe. Start making yours, follow along to the online sewing course – join the Sewing Studio here.

Suitable Fabrics For Colour Blocking

Suggested fabrics for this pattern include Fleece Backed, Loopback and Jersey Fabrics.

Looking to execute the perfect colour block sweatshirt? Here are our suggested fabrics for this sewing pattern. (However, it really is all about personal taste and picking fabrics that suit your style – that’s the wonderful thing about sewing, making garments that are individual to you).

You can find the online sewing course in The Sewing Studio section ‘in-depth courses’.

Join the online Sewing Studio today and get access to all our online sewing courses that’ll give you the sewing skills, step-by-step instructions and confidence to make clothes that you really want to wear and show off to all your friends and family. Join here

Sewing Project: How To Make The Square Target Block

We started this patchwork series in January, with the intention of running throughout the first 9 months of the year with the last 3 months showing you how to piece together with sashing, how to layer the quilt, how to quilt and how to bind the edges. So by the time December 2022 comes around you will have a beautifully finished quilt! We’re now on Block Four, but hey if you missed the first three blocks there’s still time – you can always catch up.

In this block we are using a technique called foundation paper piecing. Foundation paper piecing is a method of sewing quilt blocks, which involves sewing through a paper pattern with the paper upwards, and the fabric positioned underneath. The blocks start to form on the ‘wrong side’ as you sew and the paper is flipped back and forth as each new piece of fabric is joined to the one before it. 

The reason we use this method is because it makes your blocks very accurate and the paper prevents your fabric from stretching. It can be used to create very small intricate patterns and designs but we have made our design very simple using different width strips as this technique can seem complicated at first.

Always practice first!

You can find this sewing project in The Sewing Studio section ‘sewing projects’.
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Upcoming Sewing and Craft Workshops

Interested in visiting Stratford Upon Avon for a Sewing or Craft Workshop?

When it comes to sewing, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced – we have something to suit all abilities. It’s also a place to meet like-minded people and make new friends! There’s cake, there’s chitchat, and most importantly there’s the sound of sewing machines whirring away as you’ll be immersed into making your own garment. (With an expert tutor by your side to support and answer your questions as and when needed).

If the idea of coming to a sewing or craft workshop at Sew Me Something sounds like your cup of tea, take a look below to see the Workshops we have coming up in May or visit our Workshop Calendar to see everything we have planned for this year.

Viola Skirt Workshop

Wednesday 11th May – 10am-5pm

This is a sewing workshop that will extend your dressmaking skills. You will learn how to cut and sew a bias piping, how to attach a waistband and facing and also how to mark and sew button holes. The Viola Skirt Pattern looks great in complementary printed cottons, plain linen, denim or a light-weight wool with a contrasting print so its perfect for any season.

Did we mention, it’s reversible? So perfect for two outfits in one, you can make a statement with a quirky printed pattern or keep it simple with a plain primary colour. The world is your oyster with this sewing pattern as you get to show off both sides!

We will provide the pattern, sewing threads and plenty of tea, coffee and cake to keep you going, but you will need to bring some lunch with you as this Workshop is all day.

Book your place here

Two Colour Reduction Linocut Printing with Alix Almond

Saturday 14th May – 10am – 5pm
Saturday 16th July – 10am – 5pm

Suitable for beginners or those with some experience of linocut, you will learn how to make a limited edition multi-coloured and multi-layered image from the same print block. You’ll learn how to safely cut the ‘Lino’ to create your design, mix coloured ink and print your designs onto quality art paper.

Working alongside a professional artist is the best way to learn, as you get all the confidence to then create these images in your spare time at home.

Plus you will be able to take away techniques and methods to be able to create wonderful prints in your own home – no need for a printing press or expensive equipment – including learning the magic of printing with a spoon!

Learn Linocut Printing with a professional artist, book here

British Rag Rugging

Wednesday 18th May – 10am – 4pm
Sunday 3rd July – 10am – 4pm

Elspeth’s full day workshops are designed to give you all the skills you need to be able to start any rag rug project for yourself at home. 

With plenty of 1-2-1 help throughout the day you will learn how to use the rag rug equipment, how to work with the hessian, how to choose and prepare materials, how to design for rag rug, how to do the two different types of rag rugging (loopy and shaggy) and how to finish your work. 

During the session you will get the opportunity to begin a rug, cushion or smaller project (depending on how ambitious you’re feeling). You even get a latch hook to take home with you!

Book your place here

Zips Sewing Workshop

Monday 23rd May – 2pm – 5pm

If you avoid making garments with zips because you’re just a little bit scared of them, or you just can’t get them to work for you, or even if you just want a refresher and a few professional tips, then this is the sewing workshop for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Sew a concealed zip and neaten it off with a facing.
  • How to adapt the pattern and insert a lapped zip (the traditional skirt zip)
  • And even how to insert a zipped fly quickly and professionally.

You’ll be working on sample sized pieces but all the notes and handouts will be yours to take home and use to help you improve your sewing at home too.

Get savvy with zips, book your place here

Eleanor Shirt Workshop

This workshop runs over 1 1/2 days. 

Wednesday 25th May – 10am – 5pm
Thursday 26th May – 10am – 1pm

The Eleanor sewing pattern is a beautifully elegant shirt featuring a shawl collar, relaxed shoulders and a pleat back. You will learn how to sew a collar dart, how to neatly finish an inner yoke using the ‘burrito’ method and how to measure and sew buttonholes. 

Make your own Eleanor Shirt. Book your place on the workshop here

We have a whole range of sewing workshops available throughout the year. Take a look at our Workshop Calendar here.

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